For centuries mankind has raided dungeons for riches and glory. This is not their story. We invite you to ponder what daily life is like for the dungeon dwellers.

Become the alien. Invade Joe's prized film collection. Dodge his remote-controlled attacks as you destroy that which he most cherishes.

We craft amazing indie games

Ukuza develops and publishes exceptional Indie games. We've brought our experience working with companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Unity into the gaming space, because we believe the skills that we've acquired through our time with top-tier brands can - and will - change the way indie games are brought to market.

In-house and third-party game development
Full marketing for indie games
Publishing to partner platforms like Steam, Xbox, Switch, and Playstation
Who we are

Understanding what path to take when launching an indie game is key. Ukuza helps create that plan and drive strategic business partnerships.


As an indie publisher we work with our partners to  bring our games to market seamlessly on various platforms.


From building a community to events like GDC or PAX, we are there to help bring visibility to our games and get amazing titles in the hands of players.

Our Games

We love games that have amazing characters and memorable gameplay. Check out a few of our games below.

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